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This is a special shoot in August to commemorate the opening of the Grouse season on 'The Glorious 12th.'


Cobaw Sporting provides an authentic grouse experience, with teams of four guns shooting over grouse butts fashioned from historic granite salvaged from the original 'Cobaw' homestead.


The event provides challenging shooting for the guns. 'Left,' 'right,' 'over,' 'pair,' all in quick succession. Four hundred birds are pushed over each team, with the highest score to date at '302' shot !


The shoot is followed by a luncheon and plate presentation to the winning team at the Cobaw Shoot Room.


Cobaw Sporting proudly hosts the Cobaw Cup, Team Trophy Shoot.


This competition is shot over the High Towers, with at least eight traps, all throwing tall birds. For further interest, there is a cartridge limit for each team, and progressive scores are not disclosed.


In the event of a tied score the Captains' shoot off in the Grouse Butt to determine the winning team.


This is a highly coveted trophy event, followed by an entertaining presentation.


This challenge at Cobaw Sporting is to celebrate the rich heritage of the side by side sporting firearm, and as it is shot over all manner of game.


This competition is scored over the Grouse Butts, High Tower Birds and the Double Rabbit.


The winning team will hold the magnificent perpetual silver trophy aloft at the luncheon to follow the shoot !


Just view the trophy magnificently styled by Flynn Silver to appreciate the competitive spirit it evokes in the guns.


This team Invitation Shoot is shot over several events, as agreed between the Shoot Captains. Emphasis is generally on the Short and Tall towers, and the decider shot out in the Grouse Butts.

The competitive spirit between guns does not rest until at least the Cup has been presented and christened.


Cobaw Sporting proudly hosts the Silver Springs Trophy Shoot. This is a highly competitive event between two teams of very keen guns.


The competition is shot over the Flush drives, Towers tall and small, and the Grouse Butt.


In the event of a tied score following all that, it is agreed that the Captains' shoot off to determine the winning team.

This is a highly coveted trophy even, incorporating a lot of fun!

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