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Cobaw Sporting provides some of the best partridge hunting available in Australia. From April through to September, we offer your party sporting birds in a beautiful country environment. Located only one hour from Melbourne Airport our walked up shoot is set in a valley edged by bracken fern rises.
'Elevenses' are enjoyed during the shoot, and a lovely luncheon in the shoot lodge is served following the hunting. Guests are welcome to bring their well-behaved dog, who may enjoy a retrieve or two.


On your shoot day you will be accompanied by our experienced game keepers, their spaniels and pointing dogs. You should see some good dog work, wild flying birds, while all the time in good company. A very popular day is a 100 bird day for up to eight guns.

Cobaw Sporting also hosts days of partridge hunting for individuals or small groups wishing to work and hunt their own dogs.
Contact us today to discuss your partridge shoot for next season.


During the quail season, generally from April to June in Victoria, there is some very good quail shooting to be enjoyed. Hunted over pointing and flushing dogs, many say that a day out on the quail is the most enjoyable.

This is for individual guns, or small parties. You may bring your own well begaved dog, or just shoot over ours.

The availability of quail hunting varies greatly with the seasons, and suitable conditions can change without notice.

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