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Cobaw Sporting leads a group of enthusiastic sportsmen on an exclusive adventure to the beautiful countryside of North Yorkshire, U.K.


This trip features Pheasant and Partridge shooting on some of the best estates in the north of England, private syndicate shooting and game dining.


Each trip has a unique itinerary, and is generally over two weeks in November. Shooting, accommodation, transportation, guns and cartridges are all arranged for the party by Cobaw Sporting.


This is a trophy trip that must be done at least once while you are still alive!


Cobaw Sporting Clays provide fun for all ages and all levels of ability. Cobaw presents a wide variety of clay target shooting designed to suit the skill and needs of your party.


For novices we provide tuition to get them started, and targets that are appropriate to their skill level. After starting with moderate targets, some novices progress to shoot the tower, even on their first visit! Great Fun!!


The more experienced shot will enjoy the combination of fast and slow, left and right targets, mixed with some high and long birds from the towers. High quality sporting shotguns and cartridges are used to ensure the comfort of all guests.


Eye and ear protection is recommended at all Cobaw shoots.

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